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Synonyms for adjure

ask for or request earnestly

command solemnly

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TUNIS (TAPEX) - The Presidency of the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) adjured all the deputies to postpone the political quarrels on issues "nobody doubts its importance".
without the glosses, many of them inconsistent, that have been encrusted on it and its predecessors by courts and commentators, would suppose that an accrual basis taxpayer who took a deduction for expenses paid or incurred which his auditors would require him to take in the taxable year, would be doing just what the Regulations adjured.
I censured them, cursed them, flogged them, tore out their hair, and adjured them by God, saying, "You shall not give your daughters in marriage to their sons, or take any of their daughters for your sons or yourselves" (Neh.
They taught [that the Lord adjured the Children of Israel], that if they breach the oaths--not to surmount the Walls and not to push on the Redemption "I shall abandon you to be slaughtered as the gazelles and the hinds of the field.
77) In fact, though not in principle, moral and religious development never follows the straight highway adjured by John the Baptist, but rather a route of byways and inexplicable detours.
A government spokesman also adjured German companies to use their "moral sense" when doing business with Iran and that "the government is expecting some sensitivity from businesses.
32) We are adjured to hold before our minds the images of death and futile passion so that the emotions of Fear and Anger be suitably dismissed.
Then he fumigated and conjured and adjured, muttering words none might understand.
Since each participant "is adjured to breathe new life into the Haggadah," Jews have fulfilled this expectation by "imbuing its pages with the ideas and concerns of their age.
Thus, an often adjured but inherent feature of clay is transformed into a positive desirable and, in its way, a distinctly Lord-like index.
We were adjured to remember that taking a new braille page without completely filling a previous one was wasteful, expensive, disrespectful to the school--a veritable heinous offense against all fight-thinking people.
Although he himself once adjured other Spanish composers to "make Spanish music with a universal accent" (Victor Ruiz Albeniz, Isaac Alheniz [Madrid: Comisaria General de Musica, 1948], 102, my trans.
Here, a sheet model is defined as a degenerated solid model with zero thickness and thus it looks like a generalized surface model that allows an edge to be adjured to more than two faces.
A peasant from Zollikon arose and adjured Zwingli by the power of the living God to tell the truth; the peasant was still convinced that Zwingli was lying.
So Jewish exorcism adjured the demon and healed the person, while the Catholic exorcism is intended to drive away the offending spirit or demon.