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Synonyms for adjure

ask for or request earnestly

command solemnly

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I had begun my adjuration with solemnity and an awe which almost assured me that the shades of my murdered friends heard and approved my devotion, but the furies possessed me as I concluded, and rage choked my utterance.
Bounderby, under the influence of this difficult adjuration, backed up by her compassionate eye, could only scratch his head in a feeble and ridiculous manner, and afterwards assert himself at a distance, by being heard to bully the small fry of business all the morning.
The visitor, observing that she held the door on the inside, and that, when the uncle tried to open it, there was a sharp adjuration of 'Don't, stupid
Mr Lammle, disclosing some alarm at the solemnity of this affectionate adjuration, demanded why the devil he ever should fall into the hands of Pubsey and Co.
The adjuration was rather unnecessary; the probability being, that if Mr.
said Mr Swiveller, finding that his former adjuration had been productive of no effect.
Reordering such adjurations may lead to significant differences in any particular decision in the setting of a moral dilemma, and that fact must be considered when we look back into our heritage for answers to our current problems.
Demands were often made in the form of adjurations or appeals, aiming to convince the ruler to launch an initiative, and not challenge him, smear his image, or question his regime.
They reworked the treaty's adjurations requiring exclusive loyalty to the word of the Assyrian overlord, Esarhaddon, regarding his designated heir, Assurbanipal, and put the reworked adjurations into new service as a demand for fidelity to the word of God as mediated by Moses.