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NASDAQ: CNCE) has selected CTP-692, a novel drug for adjunctive treatment of schizophrenia, as the next development candidate in its product pipeline, the company said.
The company added that ALKS 5461 is a proprietary, investigational, once-daily oral medicine that acts as an opioid system modulator and represents a novel mechanism of action for the adjunctive treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD).
A highly selective, noncompetitive AMPA receptor antagonist that reduces neuronal hyperexcitation associated with seizures by targeting glutamate activity at postsynaptic AMPA receptors, it is approved in countries around the world as an adjunctive therapy for the treatment of partial-onset seizures with or without secondarily generalized seizures, and primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures in patients with epilepsy 12 years of age and older.
7) Adjunctive antidepressants can also be ineffective: A decade ago, the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder, or STEP-BD, showed that antidepressants, when added to mood stabilizers, were no more effective than placebo in treating bipolar disorder.
Because of the need for numerous procedures, many adjunctive treatments have been attempted, and results have been mixed.
In January 2016, the European Commission granted the marketing authorization for BRIVIACT as an adjunctive therapy in the treatment of partial-onset seizures with or without secondary generalization in adult and adolescent patients from 16 years of age with epilepsy.
not including concurrent treatment with other antipsychotic medications) that compared changes in body weight or changes in body mass index (BMI) in an intervention group of patients receiving clozapine plus adjunctive treatment with metformin versus changes in a control group that received clozapine with an adjunctive placebo or in a control group that received clozapine alone (with no adjunctive treatment).
The evidence analyzed in the Sgolastra et al meta-analysis indicates that Nd:YAG+SRP has potential for benefits beyond SRP alone due to the reduction in PD and GCF; however, the low number of studies eligible for inclusion and the risk of bias for studies included leads to the conclusion that insufficient evidence exists to support the effectiveness of Nd:YAG adjunctive to SRP.
To my knowledge, this is the first randomized comparative effectiveness study of regular, expert care that looks at lithium versus quetiapine strategies of treatment, both with adjunctive personalized treatment when necessary," study coauthor Dr.
Fenoget is indicated as adjunctive therapy to diet for the treatment of adult patients with hypertriglyceridemia (Fredrickson types IV and V hyperlipidemia", they said.
Indeed, natural, holistic approaches help lower blood sugar levels and improve mood among people with type 2 diabetes, and may play an important adjunctive role in treatment.
Some examples of the adjunctive dental care TRICARE Prime may cover are:
In a unanimous vote, a federal advisory panel agreed that the antiepileptic drug ezogabine had been shown to be effective as adjunctive therapy for partial onset seizures, but recommended that treated patients be closely monitored for the development of urinary retention.
introduces the ETHICON[TM] OMNEX[TM] Surgical Sealant, ETHICON[TM] Biosurgery's first synthetic sealant designed to achieve adjunctive hemostasis (stoppage of bleeding) in vascular reconstructions by mechanically sealing areas of leakage.
In this randomized controlled trial, we compared the relative efficacy of an adjunctive hypnotic intervention, supportive attention, and usual care only on early post-surgical wound healing.