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Ecology, took part in a successful suit to avoid adjudicatory hearings promised to the California Senate by state Health and Welfare Services officials.
The adjudicatory chamber said it had found that Niersbach had "failed to report findings about possible misconduct concerning the awarding of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, including potential breaches of the FIFA Code of Ethics.
GENEVA, Feb 12 (KUNA) -- FIFA's adjudicatory chamber of independent Ethics Committee Friday banned Jerome Valcke, FIFA's former Secretary General, for 12 years from all football-related activities at national and international levels.
html) A statement from FIFA's ethics committee said: "The adjudicatory chamber of the independent ethics committee has fulfilled its commitment to provide the grounds for the respective decisions to Mr.
Dr Cornel Borbely, chairman of FIFA's ethics committee investigatory chamber, has handed over his report on Valcke and recommendations to the adjudicatory chamber chaired by German judge Hans-Joachim Eckert.
Blatter, who made a defiant but rambling appearance at a news conference in Zurich following the announcement, has also been fined 50,000 Swiss francs (PS33,700) and Platini 80,000 Swiss francs (PS54,000) by the adjudicatory chamber of FIFA's ethics committee after being found guilty of ethics code breaches.
Mr Platini would miss the opportunity to present his points of view vis-a-vis the adjudicatory chamber in person," FIFA's ethics committee said in a statement.
FIFA's adjudicatory committee, led by German judge Hans Joachim Eckert, is investigating the case after receiving the ethics committee's recommendations for the lifetime bans.
The adjudicatory chamber of the ethics committee, chaired by Hans-Joachim Eckert, has suspended Worawi Makudi .
Klaus Stohlker, a friend and advisor to Blatter, said ethics investigators had recommended a 90-day suspension for Blatter but that the head of the adjudicatory chamber, German judge Joachim Eckert, has yet to make a final decision.
The report neither cites any rule violations of an accused person, nor does it contain any kind of recommendation to the adjudicatory chamber for sanctioning an accused person," said a statement released by Fifa's appeal committee.
The adjudicatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee, chaired by HansJoachim Eckert, has decided to ban the former General Secretary of AIFF
Within hours of the findings being issued Garcia issued a statement which said: "Today's decision by the chairman of the adjudicatory chamber contains numerous materially incomplete and erroneous representations of the facts and conclusions detailed in the investigatory report.
A Fifa spokeswoman said any decision on lifting the ban would be taken by ethics adjudicatory committee vice-chairman Alan Sullivan.
Beckenbauer, a World Cup winner as a player and a manager, honorary president of Bayern Munich and a special adviser to FIFA's football committee, was handed the suspension by FIFA's ethics committee's adjudicatory chamber.