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a person who studies and settles conflicts and disputes

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The adjudicator in ZA2007-0001 noted that it is trite that the more descriptive a name or mark is the less it is inherently adapted to distinguish the goods or services of a particular trader from those of another (ZA2007-0001, p 14; see also Reddaivay v.
The source said adjudicators know that the 80 or more Justice department lawyers working on residential school cases will closely examine every decision they make.
DND also created a CF Grievance Adjudicator, Captain (N) Judith Harper, who makes final decisions for the CDS on complaints involving issues such as annual performance evaluations, postings, and training.
In both states, when a treating physician report was present, the adjudicator generally relied on it.
I am confident too that in their dealings with parents, schools, academy trusts, religious bodies, local authorities and others, adjudicators and OSA staff appreciate how important the matters raised are to those concerned and that they deal sensitively and fairly with all.
Tafazzul Rizvi, PCB's legal advisor while talking to the media said the decision of adjudicator will serve a lesson for others.
PCB's lawyer Tafazzul Rizvi said he had completed his arguments before the adjudicator as Khalid's lawyer was busy and on his request the next date (for the hearing of the case) has been fixed as Jan 8, when he (Khalid's lawyer) would submit his arguments to defend his client's case.
The true state of affairs is that under both versions of the PCB Code (old and new) an appeal against the order of the Anti-Corruption Tribunal lies with the Independent Adjudicator.
Then an adjudicator read through my case again and decided that the council was being unfair and that they could make the side of the road where I parked a separate zone number.
FIRMS supplying supermarkets are still reluctant to take a complaint to the sector's adjudicator, mainly because they fear it would damage their relationship, it has been revealed.
Adjudicator Sonia Edwards said all four entrants presented work of a high standard and two could have been awarded the crown.
THE Farmers' Union of Wales has welcomed plans to double the retailer levy available to the Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) to PS2m.
According to Article 770, if the execution proceedings on the property of debtor has not been initiated prior to the formation of the union, the receiver alone shall have the right of execution thereon and the execution process must start within ten days from the date of formation of the union, unless the adjudicator orders postponement of enforcement.
M2 EQUITYBITES-January 26, 2016-Groceries Code Adjudicator finds serious breach in Tesco's payments to suppliers of groceries