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In the end, thanks to solid teamwork, the team adjudicated more than 2,200 citizenship claim cases and in the process documented 1,400 American citizens for the first time.
A juvenile was adjudicated delinquent under the Federal Juvenile Delinquency Act (FJDA) after he pleaded guilty to the charge of arson causing extensive property damage.
This Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report presents selected findings about civil rights cases adjudicated in U.
In addition, law-makers required the establishment of a process to ensure that nursing home inspection appeals are decided in a timelier manner and penalties that could affect patient care are adjudicated expeditiously.
In 1999, juveniles were adjudicated delinquent in 66 percent of the 962,000 cases brought before a judge.
We have never been adjudicated a street gang in Ventura,'' he said, adding that the Hells Angels are more a culture or religion than a gang.
1,755 adjudicated claims / 6 claims/hr = ~292 hr for adjudicated claims
SR 2000 also includes a regulatory information-retrieval system, a national database containing adjudicated actions against producers, and a distribution channel for pending state regulations and pending NAIC model laws for review and feedback.
On the other hand, the receipt of a state salary removed the temptation to prolong cases that proved so irresistible to impecunious officials under the Old Regime; the remuneration of Jps remained completely independent of the cases they adjudicated.
economy that it must be adjudicated immediately by the Supreme Court.
TEI believes that a negotiated settlement of this dispute is both possible and desirable, and we urge the Department of Justice (with the assistance of the Treasury Department and IRS) to take all appropriate actions to modify the court's order and prevent the release of third-party tax return information, while ensuring that the underlying issue involved in the refund litigation can be fairly adjudicated.
The bill proposes to make it illegal for any person adjudicated a juvenile delinquent for serious violent felonies or drug crimes to receive or possess firearms.
in Illinois evaluated his wilderness adventure camp program for adjudicated adolescents.
Hence, with regard to The Scarlet Letter, "the question of which side is right in the struggle between the punitive ideology of the Puritans and Hester [Prynne's] resistance to it is not meant to be adjudicated.
In the abstract, it is fine to suppose that once a land ethic permeated the country, it would be "eminently practicable, since, by reference to a single good, competing individual claims may be adjudicated and relative values and priorities assigned to the myriad components of the biotic community.