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Synonyms for adjective

the word class that qualifies nouns

of or relating to or functioning as an adjective


relating to court practice and procedure as opposed to the principles of law

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As might be expected, important is the most frequent adjective expressing relevance in English opinion articles.
However, the less intense adjective 'important' seems to be preferred over those lexical instances of infused graduation, which might eventually lead to a more patronizing or dogmatic style in opinion discourse.
Then, there are formations that match constructions where the adjective is followed by a PP: e.
As such, the listener must determine the standard of comparison against which to evaluate whether the degree has been reached or not by an individual being modified by the adjective.
In the first example, the adjective good correctly modifies the noun movie, although it follows the linking verb was.
Uniqueness is, in a very profound sense, unspeakable because every adjective is a group word.
Adjectives are grouped with noun and named as adjective group, while verbs and adverbs are combined to form verb group.
Where one and the same form appears to perform syntactic functions ascribed to the category adjective and also to the category adverb, as in (8) and (9) below, it does so as the result of a set of specific processes that entail lexical change and where a contrast between literal and figurative meaning exists, i.
In the Adjective condition, the comparison stimuli were pictures of the same puppet (Fafa) with different facial (emotional) expressions, and the sample stimuli were adjectives (the Portuguese equivalents of /angry/, /happy/, /sad/).
While Heere's method in securing BP adjectives is likely more accurate and applicable than Aaker's approach, in the current study we aim to investigate if sport managers alone are the best source of adjective attainment.
suggested instead that the adjective, as well as its counterpart
Each adjective derives its substantival and its adverbial form.
The tool for study consisted of 20 adjectives of the Adjective Checklist (ACL).
In order to identify lexical losses, two lexicographical sources are used: a lexical loss is identified whenever an adjective appears in the Old English lexicographical source but not in the Present-day English one.
Deverbal Adjectives at the Interface: A Crosslinguistic Investigation Into the Morphology, Syntax and Semantics of -ble