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the attribute of being so near as to be touching

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The Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, met today with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Belize and Guatemala in reference to the recent incidents in the Belize-Guatemala Adjacency Zone and the Sarstoon River.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs had the opportunity to make an assessment of the needs and impact of these projects, to continue implementing actions that benefit the integral development of the communities that live in the adjacency zone.
This article will investigate the concept of adjacency pairs further and show how a reading of fictional minds against this conversational pattern can deepen our understanding of the nature of consciousness.
The desire to have multiple peer groups in close proximity to analytical functions and the accompanying knowledge-sharing that results puts pressure on early planning phases to ensure proper adjacency and connectivity.
The aim of this work is to substantiate the problem solubility for project operation structural schemes analysis using analytical method based on consideration of specific properties of adjacency matrix.
Sometimes it is plausible that adjacency can be achieved, but no word comes to mind.
The adjacency matrix A(G) = [aij ]nn(usually denoted by A ) of the graph G is defined as:
Hua's fundamental theorem of geometry of matrices describes the general form of bijective maps on the space of all m X n matrices over a division ring D that preserve adjacency in both directions, explains Semrl.
The centre is to provide Roche with critical adjacency to New York City's nine major academic medical centres and its various ongoing clinical trials in an environment purposely built for life science collaboration and innovation.
Blu Ecigs are the perfect adjacency for us to participate in the smokeless market, but in a Lorillard waya[euro], the buyera[euro](tm)s president, chairman and chief executive, Murray Kessler, commented.
Characterizing the operators--weighted shifts on directed trees--as generalizations of both classical weighted shifts and of weighted adjacency operators, they discuss such basic properties of them as closedness, adjoints, polar decomposition, moduli, circularity and Fredholmness.
The first attack allows for the creation of a remote false adjacency, whereby an unsuspecting victim router goes on to form an adjacency with a phantom router.
The territory lying within one kilometer of the adjacency line, in either direction is considered the Adjacency Zone, and it is administered by both Belize and Guatemala.
In this paper, we consider the adjacency matrix for RC-graphs and the eigen values are taken into account and a handful of results are obtained.