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cells composed of fat

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GFP expression was normalized by [beta]-actin at each time point to monitor the NANOG promoters activity during differentiation into either adipocyte or neuronal lineages.
Phytochemicals such as epigallocatechin-3-gallate, genistein and resveratrol have been reported to reduce lipid accumulation and induce adipocyte apoptosis in vitro and reduce body weight and adipose tissues mass in animal models.
They found evidence of a major control switchboard in human adipocyte progenitor cells, suggesting that genetic differences may affect the functioning of human fat stores.
The volume of any given adipose tissue compartment is largely determined by adipocyte size and number.
However, in mice fed a HF diet long term, the hop extract reduced obesity, adipose tissue weight and adipocyte hyperplasia.
These findings provide no evidence for harm and support possible benefits of n-3 consumption on insulin sensitivity and adipocyte function.
Since it was recently shown that brown adipocytes also exist in adult humans, research has focused on understanding how brown adipocytes are formed.
DISCUSSION: Prenatal TBT exposure increased most white adipose tissue (WAT) depot weights, adipocyte size, and adipocyte number, and reprogrammed MSCs toward the adipocyte lineage at the expense of bone in all three generations.
In the our previous study, we have shown EnSCs can differentiate to neural and adipocyte cells and we used oil-red O staining for illustration of adipocyte differentiation (24).
Correspondingly, abdominal adipocyte size was significantly reduced in animals given DHA, but not in the controls given only a high fat diet (Figure 6).
On the basis of kinetic metabolic studies in the fasting and fed states in patients with HIV-associated lipodystrophy, Sekhar et al (20,21) identified basic defects in adipocyte function that result in a marked acceleration of lipolysis, or hydrolysis of stored triglycerides leading to a net release of free fatty acids into the circulation.
In mice experiments, the two partners confirmed that the extract helps inhibit the rise in blood glucose levels, and at the same time improves the activity of insulin and enhances the body's adipocyte glucose uptake capability.
This is probably due to a combination of obesity-related increases in growth factors, plus the extra estrogen provided by adipocyte secretion, he said.
The transcription factor Peroxisome Proliferator Activated Receptor [gamma] has been shown to he involved in a variety of physiological processes including adipocyte differentiation, fat storage, inflammatory response, and insulin sensitization in liver and muscle tissue.
It is reported that collagen Type IV increases modulation during adipocyte differentiation [23].