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It's hard to walk through an airport and see the bookstores that will never stock Adios, Mofo.
Regardless of its ideological ambiguities, Adios muchachos is a fascinating, well-written work that provides valuable insight into many aspects, if not all, of the last Latin American revolution .
ADIOS (Allied Data Intelligent Operating System) is a new technology independent operating system, which will be available on our new and future Broadband Access platforms.
MEDIA SHARES AND SPEND JAN/FEB SHARE OF SPEND % COMPANY PRESS TELEVISION Seven Seas 0 100 Adios Max 0 100 Dulco Ease 0 100 Celebrity Slim 0 100 LipoBind 36 64 Slim-Fast 0 100 Alfred Vogel 23 77 PRESS/TV % CHANGE TOTAL TOTAL (K [pounds COMPANY sterling]) vs JAN/FEB 08 YTD (K) Seven Seas 476 -65 476 Adios Max 324 n/a 324 Dulco Ease 267 -40 267 Celebrity Slim 235 n/a 235 LipoBind 132 -15 201 Slim-Fast 131 211 131 Alfred Vogel 127 1,231 180 Source: Billetts Data: 4w/e 8 February 2009
Indeed, one of his greatest servants was Catunda Ashmore, who won the Champion Stakes at Powerstown Park in Clonmel in 2009 and only a few weeks back won the Adios Alonso Open Sprint at Shelbourne Park.
The 45th running of the $500,000 Delvin Miller Adios Final harness race takes place at The Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Washington, Pa.
Au revoir to the French, Arriverderci to the Italians, Adios to the Mexicans, sadly not yet Auf Wiederzein to the Germans.
Re ``Delgadillo says adios to council furor, makes language trip'' (Tipoff, Dec.
It may be Adios Mr & Mrs Beckham,but that doesn't mean an end to the phenomenon of the celebrity couple.
com Derby with Adios Alonso, while he had earlier supplied both the winner and runner-up in the final of the Champion Bitch Stake.
The track presented the leading dash driver with an oil portrait depicting his 1999 Adios victory and a prototype of the 2000 program cover, which showcases his Adios victory aboard Washington VC.
Prevelence and Adios Alonso are now the joint-favourites to take the Classic which will reach its conclusion today, writes Michael Fortune.
THE country's text messaging millions are saying adios to hello.
Not only has he achieved landmark success with numbers of victories, he also captured The Meadows' crown jewel, when he drove Washington VC to victory in the Coors Delvin Miller Adios in August.