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the property of sticking together (as of glue and wood) or the joining of surfaces of different composition

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In relation to the texture, it can be seen from the table of means (Table 3) that the jelly obtained with the cultivar 'Biuti' is characterized by resulting in a jelly with the highest hardness, adhesiveness and gumminess values.
and texture (hardness, adhesiveness, elasticity, cohesiveness and gumminess) of 'Dulce de leche' during storage.
These burgers showed increased hardness and cohesiveness and reduced adhesiveness, while burgers prepared with pressed and macerated fiber presented only increased cohesiveness.
Zamora (1995) suggested the amount of adhesiveness of Pinguicula leaves influenced success in prey capture, which could be the case for Drosera based on the extensive amount of mucilage on its leaves.
Texture profile parameters that were measured included hardness, surface hardness, cohesiveness, springiness, gumminess, chewiness, and adhesiveness.
It improves adhesiveness of color cosmetics and stabilizes and hardens stick preparations.
The adhesiveness of the grains is a measure of the energy required to pull the grains from the surfaces that contact them.
However, internally all sorts of processes are taking place, which ultimately affect the levels of humidity and adhesiveness.
GTO is a classification that meets the British Standards method for testing the adhesiveness of paint to steel (BS 3900 Part 6 on Galvanized Steel).
Recently, it was found that citric acid has adhesiveness for wood (Umemura 2009; Umemura et al.
This could prove helpful in improving cell adhesiveness to biomaterials.
Researchers report that the adhesiveness of gecko feet is aided by static electricity, contrary to long-held beliefs.
1] Among diabetic individuals, increased platelet agreeability and adhesiveness are due to the following: (1) Reduced membrane fluidity; (2) Altered Ca2+ and Mg2+ homeostasis; (3) Increased arachidonic acid metabolism; (4) Increased TXA2 synthesis; (5) Decreased prostacyclin production; (6) Decreased NO production; (7) Decreased antioxidant levels; (8) Increased expression of activation-dependent adhesion molecules (e.