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As a global leader in adhesive tape technologies, tesa tape is committed to responsible business practices and policies.
While a puny adhesive tape will not, by any means stop a bullet travelling at several hundred metres per second, the practice was symbolic as much as it is practical.
All of Adchem's double-sided, single-coated, and unsupported adhesive tape systems are REACH compliant.
To simulate the steps made by a gecko, they pressed an artificial adhesive tape covered by microhairs onto the plate, shifted it laterally, and lifted the tape off again.
Security camera footage showed two men buying items including adhesive tape at a convenience store near Tachikawa hours before the robbery, Jiji said.
This economic use of the adhesive tape enables annual cost savings of up to 100,000 euros a year, as well as a significant increase in system availability," ACI-ecotec said.
The scratch-and rub-resistant inks are free from organic solvents and offer high color strength and brilliance as well as high resistance to adhesive tapes.
Composed solely of the same little wooden struts, connected to each other and to the walls by adhesive tape, the work in this case made the space seem as if it had been taken over by some aerial skeleton, both impalpable and flexible.
The GS Series is a rubber-backed adhesive tape available in thicknesses from 5 to 50 mils; strips can be customized with widths ranging from 1/4 to 11-1/2 in.
Marks on her ankles indicated she may have had her legs tied at one time, and adhesive tape residue was found on her cheeks, suggesting a gag.
It has evolved from a basic adhesive tape closure system to one which now has an added mechanical hook and loop while, at the same time, we now have included an elastic component to aid better fit with added comfort.
But it may be convenient to use a couple pieces of adhesive tape, for example, to hold the filter in place when the fan is turned off.
Welch is the sole supplier of these vacuum-formed bags, which are folded over and heat sealed with Kapton adhesive tape to reinforce the edges.
In handing down the ruling at the Utsunomiya District Court, Presiding Judge Susumu Iibuchi said the crime was ''cruel and inhumane'' and the two men planned to murder Tokio Watanabe and steal from him in advance by taking such steps as obtaining adhesive tape.
Rolls of gauze and adhesive tape, either plastic or cloth, are also recommended.