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The small modification involves replacing the adhesive material that caused the fire due to overheating, said Dubai-based Ferrari Middle East and Africa branch public relations manager Ghayda Majdi.
Cutting edge COMFORT-FLEX(TM) technology combines a revolutionary adhesive material with a new tapered shape-which helps prevent curling, peeling or falling off so the bandage stays "Stuck on You" like never before.
At this early period, humans had already become familiar with the use of collagen as an adhesive material.
The earliest plaster artifacts in the sample -- several stone blades with lime plaster used as an adhesive material -- date to about 12,000 B.
The composition can form a low odor, light color, non-tacky, hot melt adhesive material that can be used in disposable article manufacture.
An adhesive material for attaching to a mating surface has received a patent.
Heat-Sensitive Adhesive Material, Method Of Preparing Same And Method Of Using Same: No.
The product, which has received FDA approval, is composed of an adhesive material containing 5% lidocaine that is applied to a nonwoven polyester felt backing.
The Stuttgart-based company supplies 70 percent of its adhesive material to global customers and retains the rest for internal company processes.
The newly liberated dust is then captured by an adhesive material that keeps the particles from becoming airborne again once the camera moves.
Brochure includes comprehensive range of equipment as well as a full line of adhesive materials
Early chapters cover basic principles of adhesion, such as adhesion theories, surface characterization and measurement, and types of adhesive bonds, and describe common adhesive materials and application techniques.
In particular, the company retains expertise in synthesizing adhesive materials suitable for controlled release.