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Henkel will provide the high-tech adhesive material to properly restore the chin, and will bear the cost of restoration.
The small modification involves replacing the adhesive material that caused the fire due to overheating, said Dubai-based Ferrari Middle East and Africa branch public relations manager Ghayda Majdi.
Adhesive solution specialists must work closely with converters to integrate their areas of expertise to ensure proper handling of pressure sensitive adhesive materials for laminating and die cutting in order to generate higher yields of components.
The system uses a wax-filled plastic adhesive material, a tough nylon-like material or investment casting wax.
An external urinary catheter, comprising: a tubular sheath including a closed distal end and an open proximal end; a layer of adhesive material non-releasably bonded to a portion of an inner surface of the tubular sheath; and an absorbent material positioned distal to the layer of adhesive material wherein the absorbent material is contained within and surrounded by a semi-permeable coverstock.
The restoration will be done using a developed adhesive material, which is characterised by its special and accurate specifications according to the unique nature of antiquities.
At this early period, humans had already become familiar with the use of collagen as an adhesive material.
The earliest plaster artifacts in the sample -- several stone blades with lime plaster used as an adhesive material -- date to about 12,000 B.
The composition can form a low odor, light color, non-tacky, hot melt adhesive material that can be used in disposable article manufacture.
An adhesive material for attaching to a mating surface has received a patent.
The Stuttgart-based company supplies 70 percent of its adhesive material to global customers and retains the rest for internal company processes.
Heat-Sensitive Adhesive Material, Method Of Preparing Same And Method Of Using Same: No.