adhere to

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  • verb

Synonyms for adhere to



be faithful


stick to


  • stick to
  • attach to
  • cling to
  • unite to
  • glue to
  • fix to
  • fasten to
  • hold fast to
  • paste to
  • cement to
  • cleave to
  • glue on to
  • stick fast to
  • cohere to
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Abu Dhabi: Residents who drive to neighbouring countries during the summer have been urged to adhere to the traffic regulations of those countries.
The Electrodeposition painting process involves vehicle bodies being immersed in a paint tank, with an electrical current passing through the steel parts causing the paint to adhere to the metal surfaces.
If he wants to set new, higher standards of conduct in Corporate America, he must himself adhere to those expectations.
Just seven weeks after the "Freedom Stone" was laid at Ground Zero, the rebuilding process was dealt another blow when the families of 9/11 victims filed legal action requesting that the construction at the site be temporarily halted until LMDC and the Port Authority adhere to their legally binding commitments to satisfy historic preservation requirements.
Today, some 38 nations adhere to both instruments, but the Guidelines remain nonbinding.
It makes its ``subversive,'' proto-feminist teacher into some kind of fashion-plate Joan of Arc but also wants you to know that it's OK not to adhere to expectations, as long you get a trust fund in the bargain.
Perhaps textbook authors and publishers should adhere to the neutrality principle as well.
Parker clarified that dealers and mill buyers "have the right to question each other," but urged attendees to adhere to rules of courtesy and good behavior, including being humble, respecting the dignity of the individual and adhering to the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.
1) During the yearlong study, involving more than 2,000 healthy women from the United States, Canada and Europe, 21 pregnancies occurred; 11 were among women who did not adhere to the study protocol.
reportedly bonds to formed ABS sheet as strongly as standard polyesters adhere to traditional acrylic liners for spas.
The 50 Black FlockTape will adhere to EPDM rubber, TPVs, TPEs and polypropylene.
Besides the ability to adhere to plastic, to survive and multiply within total parenteral nulrition and other types of intravenous infusions, and to produce extracellular enzymes (4,8), little information is available regarding virulence factors associated with the pathogenesis of these bacteria.
All agencies involved in the electronic transmission of fingerprint, palmprint, facial, and SMT images and related data must adhere to the format described by the standard.
As Kwanzaa grows, celebrants work harder to adhere to the principles under a constant shower of mainstream marketing.
If you are unable or unwilling to adhere to your current regimen, consider changing it.