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in an adequate manner or to an adequate degree


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He knew that he had done well, and though the second part of the examination was viva voce and he was more nervous, he managed to answer the questions adequately.
Yet, transmuted into human terms of thought and understanding, it adequately describes the fulness of his state of mind toward Del Mar.
Miss Pink rose slowly, with a dignity that looked capable of adequately receiving--not one noble lady only, but the whole peerage of England.
I refuted them to the best of my power; but that power was provokingly small, at the moment, for I was too much flurried with indignation - and even shame - that he should thus dare to address me, to retain sufficient command of thought and language to enable me adequately to contend against his powerful sophistries.
Just over half of women are saving adequately for their retirement compared with nearly two-thirds of men, a report has found.
Some 52% of women were found to be saving adequately for retirement, compared to 60% of men.
ASIC has accepted an enforceable undertaking (EU) from Sydney-based registered liquidator, Mr Clifford John Sanderson of Dissolve Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Dissolve Unit Trust, following an ASIC review of an external administration that found he failed to adequately and properly discharge his duties as a registered liquidator.
Following this very principle, he said people as a general principle need to use adequately treated water particularly for drinking purpose as contaminated water that may even otherwise appear to be clean is the major triggering factor for varied water borne infections.
9% of banks were Adequately Capitalized, meaning the remaining 2.
MORE than one in businesses - equi firms - are consid costs to cater for t raw materials, acc research commiss commercial insure Larger firms are b with 46% of those turnover exceedin looking to offset r costs by making r other areas of the Some 6% of busin equivalent to 109,0that the rising pricmaterials means t not be adequately theft given the ext costs to replace st number also admi not be adequately damage such as fi n four UK valent to 480,000 ering cutting the rising costs of cording to sioned by er NIG.
Adequately quantify the benefits of the treatment/test/product/procedure?
In January 2010, the NGO Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) turned to the ombudsman, alleging that the EU executive had failed to adequately address the issue of a possible conflict of interest between the special adviser's tasks and his remunerated activities for multinational companies, as well as lobbying firms.
We find that 71% of persons in our target age group are adequately prepared according to our definitions, but there is substantial variation by observable characteristics: 80% of married persons are adequately prepared compared with just 55% of single persons.
US Federal Reserve (the Fed) has announced an enforcement action against Burlington, Wisconsin-based First Banking Centre Inc (NASDAQ: FBCI) to ensure that the bank was adequately capitalised.
35 percent feel their plans may not adequately cover their inability to earn an income for an extended time due to illness or injury.