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  • noun

Synonyms for adeptness

natural or acquired facility in a specific activity

Synonyms for adeptness

skillful performance or ability without difficulty

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More than just showing that there's a whole wealth of female fiction writers beyond the poets of the Soviet period, this anthology also shows their adeptness at presenting multiple voices: women and men, young and old, urban and rural.
After just several months on the job, his adeptness was apparent.
Cultural adeptness (35%) is also a key success driver due to the relationship that occurs when global partners conduct business for the first time.
Both companies will exploit their strengths of market reach and technology adeptness to render excellence in customer service.
Predictive of success were adeptness with the "soft skills" of leadership, humility, collaboration and loving to learn and re-learn.
However, their adeptness to jump around in a very casual British way had the crowd entranced.
It will be a showcase of adeptness and readiness of our students in times of fire and other emergencies," said BFP - Roxas City Public Information Officer FO3 Marlon Garbo.
The 16-year-old from the Secondary Technical School (STS) in Fujairah was one of the 425 students who showcased their adeptness at the Emirates Skills 2013 National Competition on Tuesday.
This variance in the events, lets the dexter participants exhibit their adeptness in coding, swiftness in LAN gaming, knowledge in IT Quiz and perspicaciousness in Turn Coat.
They have been carved to beauty and the craftsmanship, true spirit of creating masterpieces and unmatched creativity in every piece and merchandise are testimony to their prowess of trendsetting adeptness in bathrooms and suites spectrum at large.
They reconfirmed the role by giving the gene back to the malformed fish - studied for their adeptness at regeneration - which then became essentially normal.
He takes care to describe only elementary features of the software, focusing on analysis techniques rather than computer adeptness.
Blacklisted from the PTA" is the musings of Lela Davidson as she waxes philosophical on the nature of the modern family and how we are expected to do everything in spite of having no adeptness in skill at any of it.
One of the most noticeable threads that run through the collection is Newbury's relentless determination and intellectual adeptness at deconstructing these damaging boundaries and complicating historical narratives that are often replete with dichotomies (Hutu vs Tutsi, et cetera).
Beautiful, exotic illustrations bring the animal but human-like characters to life, and children will delight in the adeptness of Kwaku Ananse and indeed all the animals.