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We believe that the multifocal to coalescing, poorly circumscribed proliferative lesion involving most of both kidneys in this toucan may be similar to renal adenomatosis of humans or a low grade malignant neoplasm (carcinoma).
Tumours associated with familial adenomatosis syndrome (Gardner's syndrome)--risk is 10-30 % in these patients, which is further increased in mutations between exon 1310 and 2011
4,5,18,19) These genes encode a cyclin, parathyroid adenomatosis 1, also known as cyclin D1.
Classic familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP) (6) is an autosomal dominant inherited disease caused by germline mutations in the adenomatosis polyposis coli (APC) (7) tumor suppressor gene.
For example, aflatoxin exposure may also result in p53 mutations, vinyl chloride causes K-ras mutations, and hepatic adenomas and adenomatosis are associated with hepatocyte nuclear factor 1[alpha] mutatations (75).
Acalculous cholecystitis, adenomatosis, cholesterosis, and polyps of the gallbladder.
Celecoxib was associated with a significant regression of colorectal adenomas in patients with, for example, familiar adenomatosis or polyposis, which predispose towards colorectal cancer.
Thyroid morphology of hypothyroid animals, regardless of gonad functional status, was characterized by the presence of parenchymatous goiter with intra- and interfollicular adenomatosis.