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A group of processes are involved in reproductive hormone regulation, which contain Somatotropin secreting cell differentiation (GO:0060126), adenohypophysis development (GO:0021984), and response to estradiol stimulus (GO:0032355) (Table 4).
Evaluation of nontumorous adenohypophysis is particularly important in patients with Cushing disease.
Transplacental carcinogenic effects of nickel(Ill acetate in the renal cortex, renal pelvis and adenohypophysis in F344/NCr rats.
3,4) Folliculostellate cells are nonendocrine, spindle-shaped cells of the adenohypophysis that express S100 and Bcl-2.
pituitary stalk interruption syndrome, there is also an absence or hypoplastic infundibular stalk and adenohypophysis (14) (Figure 15).
POMC is processed in adenohypophysis into ACTH, and in intermediate pituitary lobe into [beta]-endorphin ([beta]E).
The time of release of the luteinizing hormone from the adenohypophysis of laying domestic ducks.
05), respectively, in the 300 mg/kg group; 150 and 300 mg/kg dihydropyridine decreased cAMP content in adenohypophysis of laying hens by 14.
CRH stimulates the adenohypophysis to synthesize pro-opiomelanocortin, the precursor to ACTH.
Human g-trace, a basic microprotein: amino acid sequence and presence in the adenohypophysis.