adenylic acid

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a nucleotide found in muscle cells and important in metabolism

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Elevated plasma adenine nucleotide levels in chronic renal failure and their possible significance.
Relationship between oxidative phosphorylation and adenine nucleotide translocase activity of two populations of cardiac mitochondria and mechanical recovery of ischemic hearts following reperfusion.
The researchers speculate that because the heart cells also produce ANT2, another form of the adenine nucleotide translocator protein, enough ATP gets out to prevent enlargement of the mitochondria.
31) There are numerous clinical and laboratory studies showing that supplementing with ribose will enhance the recovery of adenine nucleotide pools as well as enhancing diastolic function in heart pathology.
2008) Leishmania mexicana amazonensis: plasma membrane adenine nucleotide translocator and chemotaxis.
Regulation of and intervention into the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway and adenine nucleotide metabolism in the heart.
residual] probably reflects a dysregulation in thrombopoiesis, which is also translated by the multiple abnormalities of platelet reactivity and the change in platelet membrane and adenine nucleotide content that have been previously described [8-101.
The heart's ability to resynthesize ATP is then limited by the supply of D-ribose, which is a necessary component of the adenine nucleotide structure.
Booth and colleagues suggest that the delayed fatigue may be due to loss of adenine nucleotides needed to make ATP that occurs during the adenylate kinase reaction.
HPLC methods applying the reversed phase technique, where the eluating buffer solution is supplemented by a large hydrophobic cationic, typically a tetrabutylammonium (TBA) compound, were probably first used for the separation of nucleotides by Juengling and Kammermeier (1980), who applied two separate isocreatic runs in different conditions to resolve Cr, PCr, and adenine nucleotides.
We measured by HPLC levels of adenine nucleotides, adenosine, phosphocreatine and creatine.
The channel is found in mammalian neural cells and exhibits a different sensitivity to block by various adenine nucleotides, and is activated by submicromolar [Ca].
Because AICAR inhibits AMP deaminase (AMPDA), an increased AICAR level leads to the release of intracellular adenine nucleotides and adenosine, either or both, into the extracellular space.
International Symposium on Adenosine and Adenine Nucleotides in Ferrara Italy the last weekend in May: http://web.