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Accordingly, in TURBT along with spinal anesthesia, the inguinal approach for ONB is recommended to prevent complications such as adductor muscle spasm, bleeding, and perforation of the bladder.
The two valves were observed to be articulated to the soft body by adductor muscles that produce a scar on the interior surface.
Additionally, due to the high concentration of lipids found in the gonad (in contrast to the adductor muscle, which is considered lean), analyses of the fatty acid profile was conducted to determine their composition and nutritional value.
The association of hip strength and flexibility with the incidence of adductor muscle strains in professional ice hockey players.
Chris Wilcox missed the final game before the All-Star break last season with a strained right adductor muscle, but returned for the first game after the All-Star break
Yesterday it emerged the problem is actually an adductor muscle injury, and while assistant manager Marco Tardelli was refusing to rule the Los Angeles Galaxy frontman out of a fixture in which his country need to avoid defeat to finish second in the group, the chances of him playing appear to be slim.
Crouser's season was hampered by injuries, most significantly a groin injury - a torn right adductor muscle - suffered in early May in a javelin workout a week after the Centennial Invitational.
The defender, who has been capped eight times by England, expressed his joy at returning against AC Milan in February, but his comeback was shortlived after suffering an adductor muscle injury in the same match.
Pacer Shoaib Akhtar may be rested and so could spinner Abdul Rahman, who has picked up an adductor muscle injury.
The Middlesbrough-born defender suffered strain of the left adductor muscle in Spurs' 1-0 Champions League win over AC Milan on Tuesday.
5 GOOD TIP I always slide a knife into the gaping shell to cut the adductor muscle at the top shell.
The cases of groin pain in athletes that actually involve adductor muscle pathology can present in various forms.
Their concerns were eased when a scan conducted by the Spanish Football Federation revealed a small tear to an adductor muscle.
Team physio Tommy Simsek said Muralitharan had strained his right adductor muscle and would need up to three weeks to recover from the injury, the Sri Lankan cricket board said on Monday.