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Antonyms for adduct

a compound formed by an addition reaction

draw a limb towards the body

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They were then oriented at 15 [degrees] of adduction (approximate coronal position of hip at normal heel strike) and loaded to 1400 N.
Kim Young Ja, elder sister of Kim Young Nam, who was also abducted by North Korea, told reporters that their mother Choi Gye Wol will meet Megumi's father, Shigeru Yokota, as well as the kin of other Japanese victims of North Korean adductions.
The construction of the following investments: Water supply: Adductions new water treated a total length of 8.
The adductions follow the recent recall of a 331-soldier peacekeeping convoy from the Philipines, who said troops were being withdrawn amid security fears and after the week-long capture of 21 Filipinos by Syrian rebels.