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(physiology) moving of a body part toward the central axis of the body

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When a vertical deviation is greatest in adduction (overelevation in adduction), the primary oblique muscle overaction could be the commonest cause [19].
the hip is placed in flexion and adduction during the exam (100% and 84%, respectively) (Fig.
The position of the knee in the frontal plane was extremely variable between participants as some participants had kinematic values in the abduction direction, while others had kinematic values in the adduction direction (Figure 2).
4% of patients, both in adduction as well as abduction; it was poor in 41% of patients in adduction and in 33.
The measurement of the horizontal adduction was carried out with the patient lying on the side opposite to the shoulder being tested, with the superior limb being completely relaxed, dangling out of the table, so that the maximum horizontal adduction was obtained.
The participants received the same instructions and completed an identical test, including the adduction test, as in Phase 4.
However, shoulder adduction was observed at a higher amplitude after exercise was conducted on an UP versus on a SP (P=0.
Besides the foot length, the foot prints were also utilized to measure the forefoot adduction angle (FFA).
Endoscopy allows the surgeon to confirm accurate adduction and medialization.
L'infrastructure est reliee par une adduction sur une distance de 9 km.
Hip abduction and adduction ranges of motion were measured with the patient supine and with the knee extended and the hip in neutral position.
In the more symptomatic knee of each patient, the investigators measured the knee adduction moment (KAM) at 6, 12, and 24 weeks.
The other loading condition for different activities such as single-legged stance (denoted as case 1), abduction (case 2), adduction (case 3), and stair climbing (case 4) were also considered.
Under the static condition, the following two combinations showed significant differences: 6[degrees] abduction versus 3[degrees] adduction (p < 0.
No one has so far claimed responsibility for the adduction.