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citing as evidence or proof

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At one point, a Foreign Office official wrote in an internal memo, 'The stark facts are these: i) We have the Koh-i-noor diamond, whether or not our possession of it is legally justified, ii) We have made it clear that we are keeping the diamond, adducing the best arguments to support our contention.
And adducing example after example, she reveals how liberals have weakened the moral structure of society, never by "winning the public argument" but rather by opportunistically using the courts (and increasingly liberal activist judges) to do it for them.
Adducing parallels from depictions of pieces of furniture in the Assyrian reliefs, she makes a convincing case that this "tree" was not a stylized date palm or an abstraction, but rather an actual object that could be assembled and taken apart, as necessary.
He offers his own solutions while adducing good secondary literature.
Adducing parallels from Alberti's Momus and his visual allegory Picture, Rinaldi detects a pervasive antipathy toward Hercules, an aversion also evident in Alberti's name Leo, as well as in his encomia of the fly and his pet dog.
He situates Shakespeare's representation as the apogee of Calibanic discourse, adducing that it
By adducing rich contextual materials, Spence is able to give us a lively and well-informed inside account of Hong Xiuquan and his closest followers.