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one to whom something is addressed

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Most importantly, the government must stop positioning the terrorist PKK as the sole addressee or representative of the Kurds.
Because the speaker simply asks the addressee to evaluate the potential benefits of performing an action, the construction is not felt as impositive.
The other person, who is the addressee, acts as commanded.
Pip says what he says in such a way as to imply that there is knowledge already held on the part of the addressee that goes beyond what Pip talks about, and which will directly enable the addressee to arrive at a perspective for what Pip says.
Here the speaker begins by strongly directing, even commanding, the addressee to "Look in my face; my name is Might-have-been" (l.
653 of the Code of Civil Procedure it follows from the Decree 2005-1678 of December 28, 2005, that the notification of a document only results from its delivery to the addressee.
Good communication helps the addressee understand and more importantly, recall the message's content.
Be creative when designing the mailing (including the envelope) to attract and hold the attention of the addressee.
Every letter, once it has been received, constitutes a new moment or event in the relationship between the addresser and the addressee.
Second, an explanation of argumentation's ability to force an addressee to accept a conclusion may be primarily social.
Relevance Theory (Sperber and Wilson 1986/1995) starts from the following fundamental assumption: the addressee will make the needed effort to process a piece of information if he/she deems it relevant in a specific situation.
The messenger center staff sign for and accept all deliveries, log the time and details of the receipt, and forward the delivery to the proper addressee within the building.
To make matters worse the letter, stamped 'Royal Mail postage paid', was offering the addressee .
The fraud involves letters claiming the addressee has an outstanding traffic fine which must be paid.
It was delivered to a local shop to be picked up by the addressee, and shop staff contacted police.