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Lower values observed in early lactation can be attributed to the higher permanent environmental variance and to the lower additive genetic variance in this period.
Full-sib experiments cannot partition additive genetic variance from dominance or epistatic genetic variance.
The QTL effect was thus estimated to account for a considerable proportion of the phenotypic variance and most of the additive genetic variance.
The estimates of heritabilities for TD milk yield had more or less a similar trend with additive genetic variance across the different stages of lactation (Figure 2).
Narrow sense heritability was estimated as the proportion of additive genetic variance to total variance as follows, where the terms are the variance components for the terms in the earlier mentioned model:
The relative contribution of additive genetic variance (which equates to heritability) was estimated in the model to be 52% for CRP and 59% for SAA.
u]) (the numerator relationship matrix A and the additive genetic variance [[sigma].
05); therefore even when growth rates differed significantly among environments, the additive genetic variance did not vary from location to location, with the exception of Putemtln and Hueihue for live weight and shell height respectively.