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Synonyms for addition

Synonyms for addition

the act or process of adding

something tending to augment something else

Synonyms for addition

a component that is added to something to improve it

the act of adding one thing to another

a quantity that is added

something added to what you already have


Related Words

a suburban area laid out in streets and lots for a future residential area

the arithmetic operation of summing

References in classic literature ?
To be sure it is; and, indeed, it strikes me that they can want no addition at all.
And yet some of the plate would have been a very pleasant addition to our own stock here.
Which may I see first, the addition to your household or the addition to your picture-gallery?
In addition to his fear that she might do it again, he loved her sincerely and devotedly, as he loved his children, seven of them, for whom nothing was too good or too expensive.
But these and many other unpleasant additions to the view were unseen by the delighted Elizabeth, who, as the horses moved down the side of the mountain, saw only in gross the cluster of houses that lay like a map at her feet; the fifty smokes that were curling from the valley to the clouds; the frozen lake as it lay imbedded in mountains of evergreen, with the long shadows of the pines on its white surface, lengthening in the setting sun; the dark ribbon of water that gushed from the outlet and was winding its way toward the distant Chesapeake—the altered, though still remembered, scenes of her child hood.
She had not supposed before that anything could ever suit her like the old grey pony; but her delight in Edmund's mare was far beyond any former pleasure of the sort; and the addition it was ever receiving in the consideration of that kindness from which her pleasure sprung, was beyond all her words to express.
Such was the state of affairs in the month of July; and Fanny had just reached her eighteenth year, when the society of the village received an addition in the brother and sister of Mrs.
In addition to the usual routine of teaching, I taught the pupils to comb their hair, and to keep their hands and faces clean, as well as their clothing.
In addition to this, I gave private lessons to several young men whom I was fitting to send to the Hampton Institute.
I republish the story with its original conclusion unaltered, but with such occasional additions and improvements as will, I hope, render it more worthy of attention at the present time.
In addition, branded prepaid net customer additions in the fourth quarter of 2015 were 469,000.
3/20/2009 ADDITIONS/REMODELS 2137 ALDER ST EUG WENZL LOU Master bedroom and bath addition (permit 09-00803-01 cancelled and added to this permit).
The typical method for grain refining aluminum alloys is the addition of titanium and boron in the form of an aluminum master alloy.
The developers have been wonderful," states Ed Richard, the volunteer fireman who has spearheaded the effort to get the 1,200-square-foot addition built.
On Wednesday, donors and other supporters got a chance to see the gleaming walls and the new equipment of the addition.