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a calculator that performs simple arithmetic functions

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Felt in 1887, is considered the first practically and commercially successful key-driven adding machine.
The CAD model of the finished part can be split along the parting line before scaling up, adding machine stock, core prints, etc.
In my study, a small desk calculator, which replaces an old metal adding machine, puts numbers into memory, computes percentages, and gives me the square root of my checkbook balance.
In a month that holds the anniversaries of the first adding machine and the tentative birth of the Internet, October is also when the first all-electronic calculations were performed on an experimental computer.
In the case of the "The Adding Machine," now in its New England premiere at the Boston Center for the Arts, Leominster musician Steve Bergman actually approached SpeakEasy Stage Company himself.
CPAs constantly enter numbers on a keyboard or an adding machine, which increases the risk of developing a repetitive stress injury (PSI).
You can buy a new calculator for less than it costs to repair an adding machine.
For a project on dinosaurs, students created a time line using 2,000 feet of adding machine tape, with every seven inches covering 5 million years.
When I first went into an office, I learned how to add on an adding machine, and my boss was a bookkeeper.
Maturity, 1986, shows an old-fashioned adding machine which has been uselessly furnished with a ridiculously narrow spool of paper: impotency.
Brown notes that one by-product of the mechanical adding machine was that large numbers of salaried men employed for their ability to tally four-digit numbers in their heads lost their jobs to lower-paid workers--primarily women--equipped with adding machines.
THE ADDING Machine," now playing in the Robinson Theatre at the University of Oregon, is rarely produced anymore.
adding machine tape, ballpen, bond paper, book paper, carbon paper,cartolina, check writer ink, coloumnar notebook, continous paper 3ply, correction tape, cutter,data file box, glue, folder, office chair, paper fastener, pencil, plastic cover, etc.
When they started out, the founding partners decided to invest in art to give their office an upscale contemporary look and distinguish it from old-style CPA offices awash in work papers, adding machine tapes and boardroom portraits.
Zero and Tasha Cyr is The Fixer in "The Adding Machine," Elmer Rice's Expressionist drama about a little man who is reduced to a cog in a machine.