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Synonyms for addictive



Synonyms for addictive

causing or characterized by addiction

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What's more, Johnston notes, nicotine fails even Kessler's definition of an addictive substance: something that fosters compulsive use, produces a psychoactive effect, causes a reinforcing behavior, and induces withdrawal symptoms when removed.
We've built a lot of custom trucks, but we're excited about Klein Tools' 'Electrician of the Year' truck because it's going to a regular guy," said Greg Foutz, general manager at Addictive Desert Designs.
Graham Daniels, of Addictive TV, explains: "We've recorded sessions all over the world but not yet in the UK.
According to The Verge, the developer said that the game became frustratingly addictive for people and to solve this, he pulled it out from app stores last week and now it was gone forever.
amp;lt;/Principles of Addiction/ is the first volume in the 2500-page series Comprehensive Addictive Behaviors and Disorders.
Obviously there's something addictive about stories like this, with newspaper editors particularly at risk.
Addictive disease involves the use of addictive substances but is based upon a genetic substrate that predates addictive substance use.
Psychiatrists but also practitioners and researchers in a wide range of other medical specialties, explore the high incidence of addictive behavior by people within medicine, and medical complications of the unhealthy use of drugs or alcohol in general.
Valium-like drugs use the same potentially addictive "reward pathways" in the brain as heroin and cannabis, findings that scientists say may help in the search for non-addictive alternative anxiety drugs.
Cricket and baseball are by far the most addictive.
THE Labour Party yesterday accused the Government of trying to legalise new highly addictive one-armed bandits through the back door.
A Better Tomorrow (Murrieta,,CA) is the first drug and alcohol treatment center in the nation to offer its patients HAVEOS, a DNA-customized program for individuals with a genetic predisposition for addictive behavior.
A deadly drug, more addictive than heroin and crack cocaine, is being used by addicts on Tyneside.
The addictive ingredient in those cigarettes in the schoolyard could prep the brain for reliance on illicit drugs, say researchers working with adolescent rats.