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Any unused benefits in the Addendum plan carry over, on a unit basis, to the next year.
Tonoian described the recent RFP addendum as containing numerous clarifications on "finer points of engineering," that would better guide potential bidders in preparing cost estimates of the $15 million project.
The addendum serves as a temporary update to OIC's Taxes and Investing brochure which provides a general discussion of the tax law affecting options investments.
payment of EUR 1,725,000 the remaining 50% payable 30 months from the date of signing of the Addendum to the PA Share Purchase Agreement.
A detailed Teacher's Guide Addendum developed by special education experts, outlines how the company's software will enhance the learning process for children with special needs.
The activation was effective January 19, 2006, upon the signing of an addendum to the PPA, to recognize several changes which occurred with privatization relating to spinning reserve and wheeling charges which are to be passed to the tariff and paid by the final consumer.
30, 1992, the board of directors has distributed to stockholders an Addendum to the original Proxy Statement that was mailed to stockholders on or about Oct.
OTCBB:BTIM) announced today that it has entered into an addendum to its agreement with Summit Pharmaceuticals International Corporation to develop Hextend(R) and PentaLyte(R) for the Japanese market.
All state and local governmental entities within WSCA are welcome to participate in the program and must sign a Participation Addendum.
In an addendum to its June 2005 report, "A Hefty Toll: How San Francisco's Broken Fee System Affects Businesses and Residents," a coalition led by the San Francisco-based Committee on Jobs documents yet another wave of fee increases that were recently adopted by San Francisco as part of its $5.
OTCBB:CSON) announces the execution of an addendum to the letter of intent to acquire Victory Petroleum, Inc.
OTCBB:CSON), announces the execution of an addendum to the letter of intent to acquire Victory Petroleum, Inc.
LOS ANGELES -- A recent analysis of the Single Drug Category List, Addendum A of the Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP) Interim Final Rule (CMS-1325-IFC), projects significant losses for potential CAP vendors.