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a number that is added to another number (the augend)

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As it is known, force and acceleration are parallel vectors in the non-relativistic approximation only; since both C and v are arbitrary, in general they are expected to contribute at increasing v to the relativistic limit [absolute value of v] [right arrow] c where reasonably the second addend becomes important.
Equation 14, and -[gamma]v is a negative addend on the right-hand side.
where the first addend considers changes in quality related to updates, while the second one is related to the overall quality of query results.
In this model of fuzzy regression, the disturbance is not introduced as a random addend in the linear relation but is incorporated into the coefficients [A.
Because T is an S corporation, the first addend in the ADSP definition is simplified as indicated.
So, to retrieve the sum of 2 + 3, it is necessary to activate the associate node of the first addend (2), then the one partner in the second (3), and browse the surface (2 x 3 nodes) to access to the intersection.
HaloSource was invited to addend the event due to its focus on clean water technology in the emerging markets.
Expenses (logistics services) and refunds (credit for the recycling of waste paper) are added this as a positive addend and then multiplied by the quantity frameworks and the duration in years (no renewal option).
The first addend at right hand side accounts for the effect (i), the second for the effect (ii), the vector [GAMMA] for the effect (iii) because it introduces the local potential [[phi].
Counting on from the larger addend is important for learning addition and subtraction number combinations, and grasping the count on strategy demonstrates the beginnings of a grasp of the commutative property of addition.
In order to find the friend's weight, the students either utilized the hundreds chart, symbolically represented the problem with the missing addend (see Figure 6a), or counted by using tally marks (see Figure 6b).
Denoting the first addend on the right-hand side by [[?
1-[sigma])] instead of the second addend inside the braces.