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BRITISH Gas parent Centrica added fuel to the flames over record price rises yesterday after announcing a pounds 144.
MANY serious golf punters have long held the theory that a player's form will improve in the months immediately after he has become a father - it is often labelled as the 'nappy factor' - and Sam Little added fuel to the flames with his gutsy card-saving effort in the Mallorca Classic.
Only last week a Goldman Sachs survey of 50 products added fuel to the flames by stating Tesco was the country's cheapest retailer.
However, the rumoured relationship did coincide with his break-up from dance partner and girlfriend Camilla Dallerup, who had been at his side for eight years, and that probably added fuel to the flames.
Leeds skipper Dominic Matteo added fuel to the flames when he said: "If Mark had hit Hessenthaler, he would have killed him.
That the boys' killer has been paid by author Gitta Sereny for her co- ope ration has added fuel to the flames of anger, drawing strong criticism from the Prime Minister in the Commons yesterday.
Regional pay has added fuel to the flames of our members' anger.