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Chaos looms if more cars head to the city COUNCILLOR Edwards and his department, by their latest proposal for yet another car park in the city centre, seem fully determined to add fuel to the fire by encouraging even more people to travel in by car, although this is the prime cause of all the chaos and congestion we witness.
BAGHDAD, (SANA)_Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki reiterated Iraq's rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian domestic affairs, arming the Syrian opposition or the use of force against Syria as this would add fuel to the fire.
To add fuel to the fire he has now come out and admitted to teaching his best friend's five-year-old son to swear
Rising oil prices will simply add fuel to the fire of suspicion and driver backlashes become more common.
Now Tesco will add fuel to the fire and sell alcohol.
To add fuel to the fire, I just received your most recent issue and no mention was made of Bocca's retirement with American Ballet Theatre after 20 years of superb dancing and acting.
Johnson Matthey notes that Chinas projected growth in light-vehicle production will add fuel to the fire lighted under platinum consumption and will help offset much of the loss in demand in Europe.
LUTON'S clash with Sheffield Wednesday at Kenilworth Road tonight could add fuel to the fire of those eager to sound the death knell of high-scoring football.
I suppose they will want to gather in the information and I'm not going to add fuel to the fire.
In situations like that you never want to add fuel to the fire, you want to try to calm people down and take the danger element away.