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Once this determination is made, foundries must work with the software supplier to adapt the system to their manufacturing environment.
Bandwidth Adapt supports any media player available on the market today conforming to popular standards such as H.
With conventional learning, the student must adapt to either the classroom instructor's individual teaching style or the pre-defined format of the distance learning program.
Because our technology adapts to the learning needs of individual users, it offers value to both experienced and novice users, so it serves the full range of customers in the small- and mid-sized business marketplace.
Sandpiper's turnkey distribution service offers a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy solution that improves content delivery response times, increases hit counts and adapts to fluctuating network conditions.
A key benefit from a network efficiency perspective, the CellXpress module adapts the compressed traffic for transport over ATM services for significant potential savings.
Company) (Nasdaq:NGRU) entered an agreement with ADAPT Corporation to integrate netGuru's STAAD.
According to Mark Mindell, ADAPT CEO: "Macola Progression users can now leverage the widest scope of CRM features for manufacturers and distributors in the midrange market.
Furthermore, ADAPT has created a foundation for niche-specific 'vertical CRM' solutions for SME manufacturing and distributors," said Chermack.
ADAPT Software Applications, Irvine-based developer of customer relationship management software, has announced ADAPTcrm v4.