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  • adj

Synonyms for adaptive

capable of adapting or being adapted

Synonyms for adaptive

having a capacity for adaptation



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Only DataSynapse allows companies to adaptively command and control complex enterprise application workloads and services for virtually any application.
8 million square feet of new, state-of-the-art facilities in up to 16 new buildings and in an adaptively reused existing building.
Our driving concept envisions cognitive robotic assistants that act (a) proactively by realizing an autonomous and context-specific monitoring of human activities and by subsequently reasoning on meaningful user behavioural patterns, as well as (b) adaptively and interactively, by analysing multi-sensory and physiological signals related to gait and postural stability, and by performing adaptive compliance control for optimal physical support and active fall prevention.
The company's flagship products, GridServer(R) and FabricServer(TM), virtualize business-critical applications and adaptively provision them across a real-time infrastructure.
These buildings are being adaptively reused as a neighborhood serving marketplace.
The main goals of this proposal are to (i) develop theory and methodology that will enable the identification of adaptively evolving genomic regions using polymorphism data, (ii) develop theory and methodology for the estimation of whole-genome rates of adaptive evolution, and (iii) apply the developed theory in two strategic collaborative applications.
When slots gaming entered the picture, the partners entered into a joint venture with the Las Vegas Sands and assembled a master plan incorporating casino, retail, hotel, residential and cultural facilities while preserving and adaptively re-using 22 of the original buildings throughout the site.
The company's flagship products, GridServer and FabricServer([TM]), virtualize business-critical applications and adaptively provision them across a real-time infrastructure.
When the Nx2000 is placed between the connector and the transceiver, it adaptively counters the undesirable signal coupling induced by local transmitters to neighboring receivers.
The joint venture seeks to adaptively reuse the Main Building, a National Landmark building designed by Frederick Withers and completed in 1871, with a mix of market rate and affordable rental apartments.
Professor Donahue notes, "Knowledge is the interplay between perception and action, both of which cannot be inventoried in stone, but must be adaptively coordinated or modified during the communication act in order for said knowledge to be transferred parsimoniously, heuristically, and effectively.
Members of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Historical Society are now entitled to experience an evening or two in the adaptively restored 1923 US Coast Guard Lifesaving Crews Quarters located next to the oldest active lighthouse on Lake Superior.
When Applied purchased the site, it decided to adaptively reuse the building and integrate it into its new community, creating an impressive balance between the old and the new.
Wachovia's Corporate and Investment Bank division partnered with DataSynapse to virtualize legacy, third-party and service-oriented applications, adaptively provisioning them across a shared infrastructure.
Celsion Corporation (Amex: CLN) reports that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) yesterday issued a press release outlining Phase II clinical trials, currently being conducted by Celsion, for an investigational breast cancer treatment system based on MIT's adaptively focused microwave radiation technology.