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Synonyms for adaptable

Synonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting or being adapted

Antonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use


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To adaptably utilize channels, the OFC has to quickly obtain the difference and variation of wireless condition and then flexibly control the channel utilization.
5 million property postings effortlessly and adaptably.
Our results also suggest that neurons having club-like endings can respond adaptably to delicate vibrations of the hair shaft, evoking high-frequency action potentials.
In today's environment, investing in mentoring and coaching is not a luxury, rather an essential ingredient to ensure your people are working sustainably and adaptably to their potential in order to future proof your organisation.
See, relationships go through phases and we all need to acknowledge and raise awareness about the fact that as our family grows, so do the pressures therefore more flexibility and adaptably to these changes should be strived towards, instead of resisting and being nostalgic about the easier more carefree early days of marriage.
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