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Synonyms for adaptable

Synonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting or being adapted

Antonyms for adaptable

capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use


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4 million Americans living with heart disease, said Mark Cziraky, HealthCore Vice President of Research and ADAPTABLE site primary investigator.
DIGBETH digital agency Adaptable is helping to promote this month's annual fashion and shopping event Style Birmingham Live 2015.
com)-- Adaptable Business Concepts, a sales and marketing firm in the Philadelphia area, has recently added two new members to its management team.
Because the enemy is so adaptable in using these devices, the technologies, tactics, techniques, and training designed to counter them have to be adaptable, too, England said.
This unit is said to be adaptable to all types of extruders, with mm or inch dimensions.
This essay is excerpted from Chapter Ten of Response Ability-The Language, Culture, and Structure of the Agile Enterprise, John Wiley & Sons, 2001, by Rick Dove; and is the start of an essay series that will focus on the structural nature of highly adaptable business systems, including peopled, process, practice, and product systems.
A 1650 seat lyric theatre, and a 450 seat adaptable theatre together form an axis terminating in the drum of the smaller space which celebrates the termination of the promontory.
The challenge of assisted living is to be "homelike" (and perhaps even better than home) and yet adaptable to residents' growing ADL needs.
Giant sequoias are one of two California varieties of redwood, and they are adaptable to the local soil, McDonald said.
Businesses must be adaptable in order to meet increasingly narrow market windows.
PHILADELPHIA -- Adaptable Business Concepts, a specialized sales and marketing firm based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, held a softball tournament to benefit the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, which provides exceptional and specialized care to hospitalized children.
DIGITAL agency Adaptable has won a design contract with city centre business improvement district Retail Birmingham.
com)-- Adaptable Business Concepts, a sales and marketing firm in the eastern Pennsylvania, has been awarded as one of the “Best and Brightest” companies to work for.
We have a clever enemy, an adaptable enemy, so we must be clever and adaptable," Moran said.