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Multiple insights were developed for an environment of change that included a need to accept, value, and adapt to new group members, that communication was a key element when adapting, that leadership was needed when working through change, and that change impacted on one's time.
Marketing and in-store support will include a Colour Adapt Liquid Make-Up and Pressed Powder combination display, coupons for $2 off Colour Adapt Pressed powder with foundation purchase and educational graphics explaining the key benefits of the product.
In order to adapt it to a vehicle," says American Axle's Bellanti, "there has to be enough room around the steering gear, catalyst and front subframe to fit the requisite power take-offs and other driveline bits necessary for the transformation to all-wheel-drive.
According to the court, "[i]ncidental is not logically read, however, as an independent requirement, but as a description of those improvements that do not increase the value of a specified unit of property, prolong its useful life, or adapt it to a new use.
Over the years, conditions changed and he had to adapt, switching from a strategy of having his own businesses under their own names to moving into a franchise mode.
They are complex entities requiring an ability to adapt to change over time.
The winners in the insurance business ecosystem will be those who adopt this view to not only continually adapt to market upheavals but, more importantly, create those upheavals and force other market participants to evolve, become a marginal player or go extinct.
What they reveal are four key lessons for any company, at any point in its development: Start by identifying customer needs, gain a foothold in a specific market segment, adapt to changing market demands, and maintain your focus for the long haul.
The effort is broken into these 9 work packages: project management; design preparation; design of the ADAPT method; development of the ADAPT tools; using ADAPT: design process evaluation; using ADAPT: design product evaluation; ADAPT[IT] revisions; standardization; and integration, dissemination, exploitation.
To improve, your body must recover from training and adapt to a higher level of training stress.
Now is the time to adapt your ropes course to meet the needs of individuals of all abilities.
Despite the proliferation of fully integrated software-systems, foundries must adapt this casting tool to reflect their unique manufacturing environment.
Companies that have opted to promote individual "global" images are especially prone to what has been identified as an "international disease": they consistently alter messages and adapt concepts originating abroad to fit their precise "global" company image.
This latter decision was reached, the TAM provides, because "these expenditure add to the value of the taxpayer's property and adapt such property to a new and different use.
Chapter Five deals with the major thesis, "The Persistence of Community," pointing out areas of the Japanese American experience where they do adapt, assimilate, yet maintain their ethnic heritage.