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Synonyms for adamantine

Synonyms for adamantine

having the hardness of a diamond

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impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason

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He has been ordered by Zeus to forge the chains that fasten Prometheus to the rock and to drive an adamantine wedge through his breast.
Milton makes the gates of hell " thrice three - fold; three folds are brass, three iron, three of adamantine rock.
However, an S31N mutation in the matrix 2 protein confers resistance to adamantine.
The Tejpal SMS to friends that quickly leaked out all over the Net said he kept " correct form" by apologising " out of an attempt to preserve the girl's dignity" and on " Shoma's adamantine feminist- principle insistence".
Irony, under such circumstances, was "centric, the adamantine axis of the universe.
The luminous Robin Wright plays Mary as a woman of adamantine faith.
The] ubiquity and the shocking emptiness of his adamantine slabs, wedges, and columns led me to suspect that the curators mean to wholly reinvent him, for the purposes of the exhibition, as a goofy character at whom we can all laugh, his ham-fisted, early psychotropic paintings heightening our amusement.
THE adamantine insistence of David Miliband that he fully supports his brother as leader of the Labour Party will not dispel the growing doubts about Ed Miliband's future.
Readers either admire her strength or find her adamantine.
There's also been a heroic return to adamantine build quality.
Shezira's plans for supremacy of the Nine Realms and The Adamantine Palace are contested by a host of nefarious, treacherous characters whose interests would be compromised if the dragons were to break free of their bonds.
Incidence of adamantine resistance among influenza A (H3N2) viruses isolated worldwide from 1994 to 2005: a cause for concern.
All of the faces generally have a mirror-bright, adamantine luster and very sharp edges.
Many of the problems of Catholicism are the result of its adamantine obsession with controlling other peoples' lives--particularly their sex lives.
The bad writing of adventure, espionage, adamantine legalisms, and sleepers is everywhere.