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Budanov's adamancy that organized crime be kept out of the security industry to prevent the fox- in-the-hen-house syndrome has already resulted in the expulsion of two firms and the barring of several applicant companies which did not meet the rigid membership criteria set by Budanov.
Evidently, the flurry of project finance sponsored by the government from petrochemicals to power and water projects is indicative of the adamancy to shift to value-added industries.
The flurry of project finance sponsored by the government from petrochemicals to power and water projects, indicating adamancy to shift to value-added industries.
Di Matteo believes Abramovich's adamancy to bring a high profile name to manage the Blues means he wouldn't get another chance to manage them.
1990 invasion of Kuwait, and the courage, adamancy and bravery displayed
Unfortunately, when people hear religious attitudes toward children mentioned, they often automatically assume we're talking about the Christian Right and its adamancy about children's submission to adult authority.
Despite his insistence that he will still be a Newcastle player next season and chairman Freddie Shepherd's adamancy that he is not for sale, Owen's future is bound to be the subject of much claim and counter claim, both before, during and after the World Cup.
Freddie's adamancy is significant, for it largely demonstrates the white man's need of forgiveness for contributing to the inhumane apartheid system.
In fact, he suspects that the adamancy of belief in creationism traces to the litmus test that many fundamentalist sects use for membership: literal acceptance of the biblical account in Genesis of God's week-long creation of the universe and everything in it some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago.
Maybe that's why Dad initially resisted your adamancy, as a second year squirt, to move back to the goal.
Informing consumers of course is valuable until such change occurs, and the adamancy of regulators suggests that it won't happen overnight.
Arafat refused based on a lack of recognition in 242 of Palestinian rights to self-determination, and Begin's adamancy regarding the territories.
Frankly, in the early years, it was often only my adamancy that convinced a client to try it my way-- that and the fact that their billing systems were in such a mess they were willing to try anything to get them running right.