ad lib

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without advance preparation

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HUNGRY TV host Adam BUN FIGHT Dumisani starts his challenge at Ad Lib last week
In the present case, however, only individual subjects were returned to an ad lib diet if their weights fell below the 75% criterion.
Sisk works at Ad Lib as much as possible, except when he is taking treatments or feeling too poorly.
Ad Lib meets at Saltburn Methodist Church on Fridays from 4pm-7pm.
For eight years, the original Ad Lib has traded happily on the city's Hope Street but, with 100 covers, the new place is significantly larger.
Christoph Klein, president and CEO of Ad Lib MultiMedia, said, "We have recently made an aggressive move towards capturing a larger portion of the sound card market.
Still sitting in the chair, I'd phoned this week's port of call - Ad Lib in Glasgow city centre - with a view to booking a table for later that night.
Director Chris Barfoot, who made the low-budget movie Dead Clean six years ago, recalled: "The kiss wasn't part of the script but Shane decided to ad lib.
In an unprecedented move, the beverage giant asks Richards to stay in character and ad lib his lines for a number of ads called "News Reports" that will appear throughout the summer.
The 935 accelerates Direct Sound features in addition to being backward compatible with Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, MPU-401, and Microsoft Windows Sound System standards.
It is also the scene of some combative corpsing, with O'Carroll throwing down the ad lib gauntlet to fellow cast members in a ruthless quest for laughs.
I might ad lib around it but I don't want to come across as cocky.
Papacool, in compact Glasgow club Ad Lib, has been diggin' the groove longer than most.
Vendetta also provides audio and one game port functionality with support for external wavetable and compatibility with Sound Blaster Pro, Ad Lib, and Microsoft Windows Sound System.