ad hominem

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appealing to personal considerations (rather than to fact or reason)

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With regard to traditional music, Pine's ad hominem attacks (pp.
Ad hominem excuses for argument are rife on the Internet, where some writers seem stupid enough to deserve the insults and others are victims of undeserved personal attacks.
The hashtag, an ad hominem attack on Spanish Prime Minister Manuel Rajoy, was commonly placed at the end of abusive messages against the politician, who was widely lampooned for not being present in bailout negotiations -- he was in Poland getting ready to see the Spanish and Italian national soccer teams face off.
I was puzzled by the review of my book, The Unexamined Orwell, by Chilton Williamson ("No More Orwells," March 2012) because it is less a review than it is a litany of ad hominem criticisms conducted by someone whom I've never met.
That description is merely an ad hominem attack which misses the point of alimony reform.
Nor should we be distracted by ad hominem attacks on Eltahawy herself, or complain at the idea of airing of dirty laundry.
These ad hominem (or in my case ad feminam) attacks mean little.
Ad hominem arguments: In case you don't know the term, an ad hominem argument goes like this: "You said 2 + 2 equals 4.
Craig says of his debates, “These are academic forums, where one concentrates on the arguments and counter arguments, the truth of the premises in those arguments and objections to them, and not on personality or ad hominem attacks.
They offer three specific criticisms and an ad hominem attack, none of which has any merit.
Does Virtue Epistemology Provide a Better Account of the Ad Hominem Argument?
Itmaybe I know there are some people who will witter on that middle-aged men in shorts and rubber footwear look a fright, but frankly damn them and at the risk of stooping to the ad hominem damn their womento their breasts public, for natural act breastfeeding, revealing public for natural act urination is opinions, for they just lead one down the primrose path of world weariness.
This is the worst kind of ad hominem attack and is highly unseemly.
His ad hominem attack cost Farage the docking of a 3000 euro allowance, after Farage declined to withdraw his invective.