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an ester of glycerol and fatty acids that occurs naturally as fats and fatty oils

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The effect of organic solvents on the equilibrium position of enzymatic acylglycerol synthesis, Biotechnol.
Chemical and biological synthesis of fatty acids and lipids: Fatty acid synthesis; Acylglycerol synthesis; Phospholipid synthesis; Sphingolipid synthesis; Fatty-acid biosynthesis; Lipid biosynthesis; Isolation procedures.
The acylglycerol fraction is transferred online to the gas chromatograph using the loop-type interface and concurrent eluent evaporation [241].
Determination of acylglycerols in vegetable oil methyl esters by online normal phase LC-GC.
Part 1 deals with the current understanding of regulation of fatty acid metabolism and acylglycerol biosynthesis, key metabolic controls, and enzymes involved in both genetic engineering and conventional crop breeding.