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an oral antiviral drug (trade name Zovirax) used to treat genital herpes

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Antiviral agents licensed currently for the treatment of herpesvirus infections include acyclovir and its derivatives, nucleoside analogues which function as DNA chain terminators, ultimately preventing elongation of viral DNA (De Clercq 2004).
In a free market, the price of acyclovir ointment would fall to under $10.
IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION SITAVIG should not be used in patients with known hypersensitivity to acyclovir, milk protein concentrate, or other components of the product.
The order for acyclovir was written as "acyclovir (unknown dose) with HD", meaning haemodialysis.
She was initially treated with empirical IV acyclovir but this was discontinued when the PCR for VZV in the CSF proved negative.
Following bone marrow transplantation fluconasole, trimethoprim-sulphametoxsazole (TMP-SMX) and acyclovir were started for prophylaxis.
There are a substantial amount of pregnancy data for acyclovir, most of which came from the Acyclovir in Pregnancy Registry.
Acyclovir lowered the mean plasma concentration of HIV-1 RNA by 0.
In their study paper, the researchers say that they have uncovered details of an immune-cell environment conducive to HIV infection that persists at the location of HSV-2 genital skin lesions long after they have been treated with oral doses of the drug acyclovir and have healed, and the skin appears normal.
The underlying assumption is that if HSV-2 is contributing substantially to HIV transmission--by increasing both infectiousness and susceptibility--then a drug like acyclovir or the newer version, valacyclovir, would serve as Occam's razor.
The drug acyclovir has long been used to suppress outbreaks of oral and genital herpes.
In the study more than 3,000 participants with herpes simplex virus 2 were given either 400 milligrams of the anti-herpes medication acyclovir or a placebo twice daily.
Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), HSV-2 and an acyclovir resistant HSV-1 (HSV-1-[ACV.
BAD news for cold sore sufferers - the devious virus is developing a resistance to the drug acyclovir.