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Synonyms for acute

Synonyms for acute

possessing or displaying perceptions of great accuracy and sensitivity

so serious as to be at the point of crisis or necessary to resolve a crisis

marked by severity or intensity

Synonyms for acute

a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation

having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course

extremely sharp or intense


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having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions

of an angle


ending in a sharp point

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of critical importance and consequence

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Among the acutest form of cadmium poisoned lot of human beings incidence of Itai-itai disease can be named [27].
We studied and analyzed the anamnestic, clinical, neurological, laboratory and instrumental data of 220 patients with ischemic stroke in acutest and acute periods, who were hospitalized in the department of neurology and intensive care unit of the Republican Scientific Center of Emergency Medicine during 2004-2008.
If may be that in all her phrases stirred The grinding water and the gasping wind; But if was she and not the sea we heard It was her voice that made The sky acutest at its vanishing.
In contrast, 'Boden opened up with an array of scoring that included a kicked point from David Sweeney, a long range Keaney effort and a James Doody score from the acutest of right wing angles.
Levin is one of the acutest analysts of interpretive method I have ever read.
The full back ran onto Elano s pass and somehow managed to blast his shot into the net from the acutest of angles in the 55th minute of the Group G match as Dunga s team scraped a win in the opening match of their quest for a sixth world title.
The full back ran onto Elano's pass and somehow managed to blast his shot into the net from the acutest of angles in the 55th minute of the Group G match before Elano added another 17 minutes later.
Cracking He allowed Martin Riley's through ball to run between his legs, enabling Spencer to pounce and fire past Ireland from the acutest of angles.
Mattessich then demonstrates that Sylvie and Ruth have ambivalence about the world, and he eventually argues that Robinson shows that "fluctuations of the spirit are at their most material and the sacred is indeed acutest at its vanishing" (83).
One of Bataille's acutest insights turns on the necessity of spectacle in ritual sacrifice: it forefronts the negativity of death, made visible through identification with the victim who dies.
Lex fought back well and levelled when Keiron Duckett scored from the acutest of angles on 78 minutes.
AS Ab Fab's Edina Monsoon, she didn't exactly display the acutest sense of style, parading a wardrobe of OTT Christian Lacroix or nothing.
Fiscal stimuli introduced in several members of the Euro Area at the turn of the year, while supporting demand during the acutest recession the Euro Area has ever experienced, pose a serious burden to public finances.
The acutest security challenge, in addition to beating back the internal insurgency, remains that of resolving the major sources of conflicts in Pakistan's surrounding region.
In "The Noble Rider and the Sound of Words" Stevens says: "The deepening need for words to express our thoughts and feelings which, we are sure, are all the truth that we shall ever experience, having no illusions, makes us listen to words when we hear them, loving them and feeling them, makes us search the sound of them, for a finality, a perfection, an unalterable vibration, which is only within the power of the acutest poet to give.