acute glaucoma

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glaucoma in which the iris blocks the outflow of aqueous humor

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This immune response is a double-edge sword because, while these proteins protect us from infection in a normal situation, they stimulate apoptosis (programmed cell death) in retinal cells in cases of acute glaucoma," said study co-author Dr.
The anterior chamber is deep and the iris shows engorged new vessels, these two features differentiate this condition from acute glaucoma.
Acute glaucoma is more common in women than in men.
Side effects, such as impaired thinking and acute glaucoma, are also a concern.
Acute glaucoma comes on without warning and is regarded as a medical emergency.
It could be: 6 Acute glaucoma, where the pressure within the eyeball rises suddenly, making your eye sore and red.
Wears protective glasses during matches to combat acute glaucoma but that hasn't dulled his competitive streak.
Acute glaucoma happens when there is a sudden and more complete blockage to the flow of aqueous fluid to the eye.
The usual cause is an easily treatable infection, such as conjunctivitis, but acute glaucoma must be ruled out.
However, in acute glaucoma, the drainage system suddenly develops a blockage, and the fluid pressure inside the eye rises rapidly, causing pain and a "red eye".
Linda wants to find her real mother before the acute glaucoma she suffers finally robs her of her sight.
A Conjunctivitis can be very sore, but acute glaucoma has to be ruled out.
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