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inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye

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Available medical records were reviewed for patients with diagnoses of acute conjunctivitis during June 1-November 4, 2016 from all six eye care practices on the affected island.
29 August 2014 - French ophthalmic company Nicox SA (EPA:COX) said Friday it had signed an exclusive deal with Japanese peer Nitto Medic for the distribution in Japan of Nicox's in-vitro diagnostic test, AdenoPlus, for the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis.
Except for the neonatal period, bacteria are responsbile of acute conjunctivitis with a two fold higher rate compared to viruses (5,25,26).
It then progresses to acute conjunctivitis and blindness and is invariably fatal.
The most common causes associated with the clinical presentation of red eye are acute conjunctivitis caused by bacterial, viral, or allergic pathogens; subconjunctival hemorrhage associated with trauma or foreign body; and blepharitis, an infection of the eyelids.
Treatment with an antibiotic, either immediately or after 3 days without symptom improvement, shortened the duration of acute conjunctivitis but did not decrease the severity of symptoms.
Acute conjunctivitis is typified by redness and soreness of the clear covering, the conjunctiva, which coats the white of the eye and lines the inside of the eye lids.
Acute conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the clear covering that coats the white of the eye and the inside of the eyelids, making them red and sore.
It could be the start of acute glaucoma, but it is much more likely to be acute conjunctivitis, an infection of the outer surface of the eye, that usually needs antibiotic ointment or drops.
The primary endpoint of the study is the resolution of clinical signs and symptoms of acute conjunctivitis.
As of August 1, RPS will resume responsibility for commercialising the POC diagnostic test, AdenoPlus, which helps in the differential diagnosis of acute conjunctivitis, to eye care specialists in North America, in addition to two other diagnostic products currently being developed.
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