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infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the meninges (the tissues that surround the brain or spinal cord) usually caused by a bacterial infection

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Varicella zoster virus associated acute aseptic meningitis without exanthem in an immunocompetent 14-year-old boy.
Moreover, previous studies have demonstrated that enteroviruses are isolated from CSF in only a few cases with acute aseptic meningitis because viral particles are present in low titers in CSF (5-7).
A possible explanation for this age distribution is that an antigenically related virus without potential to cause acute aseptic meningitis circulated in the population before year 2000 and induced an immune response.
Until recently, WN virus infection in humans was considered a relatively mild, influenzalike disease with full recovery, although occasionally ([is less than] 15% of cases) acute aseptic meningitis or encephalitis occurred (1).
From July 25 to October 1,826 patients were admitted to area hospitals with the clinical diagnosis of acute aseptic meningoencephalitis (code A86, ICD-10; 84 patients), acute aseptic meningitis (code A87.
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