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Yet, thyroid storm should be considered in the differential diagnosis of patients presenting with an acute abdomen and multi-organ failure of unclear aetiology.
Nowadays, despite availability of different diagnostic tools and progress in new imaging methods like ultrasonography(US) and computed tomography scanning, correct pre-operative diagnosis of acute abdomen still remains challenging.
The presentation of acute abdomen in this patient demonstrates the difficulty of assessing and diagnosing acute abdominal processes in SCI patients.
Rupture of pyometra should be kept in mind as a differential diagnosis in women with an acute abdomen, especially if they are postmenopausal.
In the absence of an acute abdomen or non-responsive hypovolaemic shock, definitive diagnosis and further classification by appropriate radiological imaging should be performed.
His medical records, written by Dr Nasar Mahmandi, said he had been brought in to rule out acute abdomen.
Depending on the site, symptoms can include a movable mass or an acute abdomen.
ROC curves and the respective areas under the curves were calculated for each marker to provide information about the accuracy of serum lipase in distinguishing between patients with acute pancreatitis and those with nonpancreatic acute abdomen and about the accuracy of both serum IL-6 and CRP in distinguishing severe acute pancreatitis from the mild form of the disease.
2,5) Given the diversity of possible complications, the presentation of trichobezoar can be quite variable ranging from asymptomatic abdominal mass or vague abdominal pain to obstructive symptoms or acute abdomen.
An 86-year-old woman presented to a rural hospital with anorexia, diarrhoea, epigastric pain, right shoulder tip pain and signs consistent with an acute abdomen.
In our patient, abdominal pain, ileus, thickened wall of the colon, and enlargement of the caecum mimicked acute abdomen, which has also been reported in two other cases of hantavirus infection (8).
This quick-reference guide zeroes in on the most common clinical emergencies - the breathless patient, hypotension/falling blood pressure, disordered consciousness, metabolic emergencies, poisoning, low urine output, acute chest pain, the acute abdomen, the agitated patient, and advanced life support - to supply critical information when it is most needed.
A provisional diagnosis of an acute abdomen was made and an open laparotomy carried out.
Phoebus had an enquiring mind, interests including publishing on the medical acute abdomen and paralytic ileus and a recent review on AIDS and the acute abdomen.