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Synonyms for acuminate

to give a sharp edge to

Words related to acuminate

make sharp or acute

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(of a leaf shape) narrowing to a slender point

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Cephalic dorsal dorsointernal (Di) very close each other, coalescent, with 2 long barbulate macrosetae (ML), dorsoexternal (De) with one barbulate macroseta (ML) and 2 smooth microsetae (mi), dorsolateral (DL), lateral (L) and subocular tubercles (So) fused with about 12 setae: 2 long barbulate macrosetae (ML), 1 long and acuminated barbulate macroseta (Ml), 2 short barbulate macrosetae (Mc) and about 7 smooth setae (me, mi).
Blunt macrosetae (ML and Mc) with middle axle, present on most body tubercles, acuminated macrosetae (Ml) present on lateral tubercles.