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Synonyms for acuminate

to give a sharp edge to

Words related to acuminate

make sharp or acute

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(of a leaf shape) narrowing to a slender point

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Linnavuori (1987) added that the membranes of the hemelytra are acuminate apically.
micranthum 5 Machilus kusanoi 6 Litsea acuminate 7 Sasafras randaiense 8 Cassia siamea 9 Acacia confuse 10 Schefflera octophylla 11 Alnus formosana 12 Cyclobalanopsis gilva 13 C.
3-4 cm wide at the base) leaf blades with acuminate apex (vs.
Aganga AA and KW Mosase Tannin content, nutritive value and dry matter digestibility of Lonchocarpus cassa, Zizyphus mucronata, Sclerocarya birrea, kirkia acuminate and Rhus lancea seeds.
Pedipalps: Femur with five distinct carinae; dorsoexternal, dorsointernal, ventrointernal and externomedian carinae continuous, costate-granular; internomedian carina discontinuous, comprising row of isolated spiniform granules; externomedian and dorsoexternal carinae each with an acuminate macroseta distally; intercarinal surfaces finely and uniformly granular.
These leaves are simple, ovate in shape and characterised by an acuminate (pointed) apex (Figure 2).
In most of these and other studies, nothing has been reported on the use of ethanol extract of Musa acuminate peel for the inhibition of mild steel corrosion.
Genital warts, also known as condylomata acuminate (other names include penile warts, venereal warts; Condyloma), are caused by the human papillomavirus: benign cellular outgrowths with HPV Types 6 and 11 causing 90% of genital warts cases.
In turning this dark comedy into a West End romantic musical, Doran demonstrated his incapacity to recognize the play's acuminate vision and blunted its ironic design.
They are also pinnately veined with entire margin and an acuminate or acute apex (GHP 1992).
Distinguished from all other congeners by the combination of the following features: anterior portion of trunk slightly wider than deep, jaws short, snout blunt, tip of anal fin rounded in male, caudal fin elliptical to acuminate in male, pelvic-fin tip reaching the anterior portion of the anal-fin base in male, dorsal-fin origin posterior to anal-fin base, dorsal-fin rays 5-7, anal-fin rays 9-11, frontal squamation S-patterned, contact organs absent, frontal scales arranged circularly, canal preopercular short and opened, longitudinal series of scales 29-32, gill rakers of first branchial arch 1 + 7, oblique rows of red dots on flank in male, transverse black bar through the chin, and no black spot on dorsal portion of caudal-fin.
Leaves simple, rather membranous, acuminate, glabrous and bright-green above, dull-white and pubescent below, serrate, 3-9 cm in length and 0.
Epidemiology and clinical pathophysiology of condylomata acuminate.
Senesco believes that the most advanced program is that of licensee Rahan Meristem (1998) LTD,whose Chief Scientific Officer, Eli Kayat, presented on "Enhanced fungal resistance in transgenic banana plants (Musa acuminate AAA) expressing cottonwood (Populus sargentii) pathogen related eIF5A gene" at Tel Aviv University in February 2012.
Anal valves with numerous acuminate chaetae; each lateral valve with chaetae a0, 2a1, and 2a2; upper valve with chaetae a0, 2b1, 2b2, c0, 2c1, and 2c2 (Fig.